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Creating Lasting 1mpressions Through Technology

Our goal at 1mpressions is to “level the playing field” for clients not traditionally included in the innovation loop or sectors which typically experience significant technology adoption lag.

Make a Proper 1mpression

Some see AI, machine learning, big data, blockchain and whatever other buzz terms floating are around as the be-all and end-all solutions for all our problems. Others, the end of the world. 


We want to ensure next-generation solutions are closer to the former. These solutions should also be accessible for all, whether it be emerging markets, small businesses, etc.

Why is there an adoption lag?

Lack of

Perceived Benefit

In combination with high costs, many clients fail to evaluate and realize the potential benefits of innovation



Creating and implementing new technology is often expensive and difficult to attain for many businesses, especially in niche industries 



Regulations are important but they oftentimes are a roadblock for new technologies.

Image by Hal Gatewood


Let's take the pharmaceutical industry as an example:

Not revolutionary, but beneficial to client and patient. That’s what we like. 

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