About 1mpressions

pronounced like the word "impressions" (ɪmˈprɛʃənz)

Our goal at 1mpressions is to create a new avenue for people to "participate" in sharing content: removing "social" barriers while enhancing "media" creation.

Disrupting the way we create and consume content by removing barriers

How It Works?



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1mpressions is a gallery - and everyone can display one piece of art, their "content." users can create with a combination of many different content elements (text, photos, videos, links).

By removing traditionally restrictive barriers while still providing users an avenue to gain an audience, we hope to provide true freedom for content creation.

1mpressions hopes to put an end to thoughts like: "I'm going to take this down, it didn't get as many likes as my other posts" and "I can't post music, my audience is here for my art!"

The content in your gallery is uniquely tailored to your tastes. No two users will be presented with the exact same gallery experience. This is all thanks to a complex set of algorithms and a dash of an overused buzzed word which rhymes with "caffeine yearning" As you view and interact with the content of other users, the gallery adapts further and optimizes better to your interests.

While we are removing public metrics, we believe in the necessity of certain social elements. We've added "1mpressions," so users can provide their thoughts, ideas, or even their first impressions...


Have you ever been unprepared for something and though "I'll just wing it?" That's what development of this entire project felt like to our team.

Our app was originally started as an offshoot of another big machine learning project. We began with an idea: to connect people based on interest. As our project continued, we realized Rome was not built in one day, and neither will our "grand vision." With a desire to put something out and share a small part of our vision, we pivoted and focused on something that everyone can connect with: content. Multiple builds and many times "learning experiences" later, we created the 1mpressions platform.

1mpressions was developed and designed in-house.


2 Bloor Street West, Suite 700 

Toronto, ON, M4W 3E2 


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