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Pill Counter. On You Phone

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How's Work

Productivity Tracker| Time Management

Helping you stay on track through accountability.

  • Choose a work profile or make your own.

  • All profiles have a timed sprint.

  • At the end of the sprint, you will be asked to submit "evidence" of your work. Don't worry, the work you submit in the app is only for you to see and reflect on. You can also use your submissions as a progress log.

  • Some work profiles have preset sprints you need to commit to, others are variable.


Some say acknowledging your mistakes is the best way to improve!

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1mpressions Social

Content Sharing Platform

1mpressions is a creative sharing platform focused on authenticity for all creators (that includes you). If you have made anything you would like to share, this is the place. View a variety of personally curated canvases in the gallery and provide feedback to your fellow creators.

Make a unique canvas and show it to the world. Be free to express yourself and your work without the traditional expectations in social media.

  • Share your art, creation, passion, etc.

  • Give feedback to others

  • Interact and receive responses

  • Develop a new following

Cloudy Sky
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QR Scanner| Data | Feedback Generator

Collect feedback, utilize contract tracing, test new ideas: all through the power of QR Codes

Your Business, Your feedback: 3 feedback channels, completely customizable, absolutely for free. Get the type of feedback that matters to your business

Free for Essential Businesses: No credit cards, simple sign-up

Data, made simple: No complex graphs, charts, or numbers. Learn what your customers hate, what they love, and what they REALLY love.


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Posters For Humanity

Nonprofit | E-Commerce

Posters for Humanity believes that everyone can make a difference, and it often starts with ourselves.


Visualize a better external environment by stylizing your internal space with fun, humorous, and inspirational posters. We’ll donate the proceeds and work to visualize a better humanity. 


Since inception, we’ve launched a few cool initiatives:

  • $1000 in total donations 

  • 2 poster lines 

  • Charity half marathon ($566 raised)

  • Artists for humanity (10+ artist participants)

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