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Terms of Service

By signing up for our service(s), you agree that:

violating any part of our terms of service can result in termination of said services.

Users will be notified by email or in-app if any revisions or major changes are made to the Terms of Service.



Child/Children/Kids: Any persons under the age of 18

Content: Any canvas as a whole, its parts, 1mpressions (replies to other canvases), and any other material in any form (text, image, video, audio, music, attached links etc.) that is user generated.

1. 1mpressions Inc. is not liable for any damages whether it be physical or mental incurred from using our website, application(s), and or service(s). 


2. 1mpressions has the right to delete any account violating our terms of service, community guidelines or privacy policy without warning and/or where applicable by law.


3. Using our platform to facilitate or commit a crime will result in immediate termination of services. Your information will be handed over to relevant authorities as required by law.

4-1. Content depicting the harm of a child or a representation of a child will be removed and relevant authorities notified. 1mpressions fully cooperates with authorities under this matter.

4-2. Content that directly or indirectly offends or puts down another individual or group is not acceptable and will be subject to removal.

4-2-1. Content perpetuating stereotypes of a group or individual is prohibited.

4-2-2. Content containing hate speech is prohibited.

4-3. Content cannot contain nudity, pornography, sexual undertones, violence, abuse of persons, abuse of animals, drugs, medications, slander, libel or incite violence.

4-3-2. Content cannot contain, promote, or make references to self harm.

4-4. Content manifesting itself as an advertisement or promotion is not allowed.

4-5. Content that contains fake news or was designed to spread fake news is prohibited.

4-6. Content cannot contain medical advice, requests for a diagnosis, and or diagnostic techniques.

4-7. Impersonating others is forbidden. This includes falsifying credentials or implying the possession of a regulated credential such as dentist or doctor.

4-7-2. Misrepresentation of oneself is not allowed.


4-8. Content containing false information when not satirical in nature will be removed.


4-9. Plagiarism is not allowed.    

5-1. Broadly, as per judgement of our team and moderators, 1mpressions can remove and suspend any users found to be creating, replying, sending or spreading content that would not be suitable from a legal, ethical standpoint for a child residing in Canada to see.


5-2. The judgement of all content evaluations is solely at the discretion of the 1mpressions Team and 3rd party moderators contracted by 1mpressions Inc. 

6. Misusing or abusing any part of our platform, technology or systems outside their intended purpose is not allowed. This includes the report system.


7. 1mpressions content is not geo-restricted. We can removed, restrict, or ban content and its creator if said content violates the laws of another country.


8. Modifying our services and/or technology is not allowed without expressed permission in writing from our head office. This includes creating extensions. Legal action may follow.



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